Tatjana Kiriënko, Textile Artist
Threads of beauty and resilience
As a passionate textile artist based in Arnhem, Netherlands, I warmly invite you to explore my captivating world of sustainable textile art. Each artwork is meticulously crafted from unused remnants of curtain fabrics, capturing the essence of light, color, and sustainability. Collaborating with talented craftswomen in Ukraine, I bring to life unique pieces that harness the potential of those women and infuse character into every creation.. Employing a technique reminiscent of stained glass, these artworks are delicately sewn to allow light to permeate through, resembling textile versions of stained glass windows.

Beyond my artistic pursuits, I am deeply committed to supporting Ukraine through my blog, 'Voices from Ukraine.' Here, I chronicle the daily lives of four women since the onset of the invasion, along with societal developments. Additionally, I engage as a speaker to further shed light on the situation and advocate for support.

Explore my sustainable textile art collection and learn more about my involvement in supporting Ukraine. Contact me today to commission your own bespoke artwork and join me in making a positive impact through art and advocacy.
Upcoming Events: Exhibition in June and July. Check here for more info
2024. 255 * 100 cm, Commissioned artwork
John Lennon
2023. 180 * 100 cm. Commissioned artwork
Into existence
2023. 200 * 100 cm. Commissioned artwork
Life force is indestructible
2023. Free work
2023. 150 * 100 cm, free work, for sale
2022. 250 * 130 cm. Commissioned artwork
David Bowie coat
2021. Seamstress Ibrich Jorritsma. Photo's by Tse Kao
2021. 300 * 100 cm, made for 'Helmen vol Verhalen', www.helmenvolverhalen.nl
Life is a bird
2019. Commissioned artwork. Bird inspired by www.mamina-art.com
Sea view
2019. 200 * 150 m. Art by order
2018. 376 * 120 cm. For Sale - Contact for inquiry If you go on and on and on you'll get A very nuanced picture
Lines of Life
2017. 262 * 202 cm. Commissioned artwork. Because everything is different but the same.
The roaring thirties
2018. 2x (94 x 40 cm). Commissioned work
The Curtain
2017. 358 * 250 cm. Colaboration with Loes Faber www.loesfaber.com For Sale - contact for inquiry
2017. Design by Ellen Beeksma 5 * 404 * 185 cm, Commissioned artwork
De Wolkenbouwers
2017. 250 * 250 cm. Commissioned artwork. Coloboration with Angelique Boter www.angeliqueboter.nl Dit doek hangt in de Wolkenfabriek in Groningen. De Wolkenfabriek is dé creatieve, Berlijn-esque hotspot van Groningen in de voormalige SuikerUnie. Dit doek beschrijft de transitie dat het gebouw heeft doorgemaakt. Linksonder begint een donkere, industriële rookpluim die door naaisters (dat zijn wij) wordt omgezet naar licht en luchtig. De wolk dwarrelt door naar nieuwe tijden en komt tot een explosie van creativiteit in de Hundertwasser-wolkjes.
Tatjana Kiriënko, Textile Artist
Feel free to contact me for questions, collaborations, or more information. I look forward to hearing from you!
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